Scientific articles by our core team.

Inflammatory Cardiac Dysfunction​
  1. BET Inhibition Blocks Inflammation-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction and SARS-CoV-2 Infection.
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  2. Preventing cardiac damage in patients with COVID-19.
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Cardiac Regeneration and Gene Profiling​
  1. Sex-Specific Control of Human Heart Maturation by the Progesterone Receptor.
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  4. Transient Regenerative Potential of the Neonatal Mouse Heart.
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HeartDyno Human Cardiac Organoid Platform​
  1. Drug Screening in Human PSC-Cardiac Organoids Identifies Pro-proliferative Compounds Acting via the Mevalonate Pathway.
    Mills, R. J. et al. Cell Stem Cell 24, 895-907.e6 (2019). Link
  2. Bioengineering adult human heart tissue: How close are we?
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  3. Development of a human cardiac organoid injury model reveals innate regenerative potential.
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